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25, 26 og 27. august 2017

Tromsø Mountain Challenge

Tromsø Mountain Challenge will take place 25 - 27 August 2017
You can choose between four different mountain races during one weekend in Tromsø, Northern-Norway.

MSM Extreemrace
Friday 25th August, MSM Ekstremløpet 2,6km, starting in The Valley of Tromsdalen and finish at The Cable Car Station on Fløya, 421 meters above the sea.

Tromsø Mountain Ultra 50km and HalfUltra 25km
Saturday 26th August, Tromsø Mountain Ultra 50km and HalvUltra 25km. Join TMU50 and get an experience of beautiful nature just outside the city.
We are opening for 200 place on ultra50km race. The race starts in Snarbyeidet and goes over the mountains and finish at Tromsø Camping in the Valley of Tromsdalen.
In addition to the 50km we also offer HalvUltra25km that starts and finish at Tromsø Camping in Tromsdalen.

Tromsdalstinden 1238 m uphill
Sunday 27th August ends the weekend with Tromsdalstinden 1238 meters up . The race started in Tromsdalen valley and goes up to the top of the most famous landmark in Tromsø. Tromsdalstinden as can be seen from the city of Tromsø. The race is 10.6 km.

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