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Marius Hansen

16 June 2018

Midnight Sun Marathon


We are launching our new website Wednesday April 11that 01 PM. During this period, the website and registration will be unavailable up to 48hours. If you are using a computer outside of Norway it might take some longer time before you can access the webpage again. Thank you for being patient with us, we hope you will try again later.

Best regards,

Midnight Sun Marathon crew

 N.B  If you have entered the race but are unsure whether your registration is OK, have a look at the start list. This will be updated weekly.  


25, 26 og 27. august 2017

Tromsø Mountain Challenge

Tromsø Mountain Challenge will take place 25 - 27 August 2017
You can choose between four different mountain races during one weekend in Tromsø, Northern-Norway.


Tromsø 5th January 2019

Polar Night Halfmarathon

A record number of participants ran Polar Night Halfmarathon in 2018. The race was sold out already early december 2017, after an overwhelming interest.

Almost 2100 participants, and among these almost 900 foreign runners from 54 nations who had made their way to the high north to experience the polar night and running in arctic conditions.  The ones who had traveled to Tromsø for this event were excited about running in wintry conditions with snow, wind and icy ground. The "traditional" discussion about whether to run with or without spikes, was the big topic before the start at the town square.

The winter race offers three distances; Half marathon, 10km and 5km. As Tromsø is situated 400km above the arctic circle, we experience polar night from the end of November to end of January. 

See all results from the Polar Night Halfmarathon 2018  HERE.

The entry for Polar Night Halfmarathon 2019 opens 15th January, SIGN UP to secure your place at the starting line.


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