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5. April 2018 - Tromsø - Norway

Arctic Snowshoe Race 2018

The Midnight Sun Marathon Foundation introduces a new winter run with the names of the Arctic Snowshoe Race. We invite to a test race on April 5, 2018, starting at TUIL Arena in Tromsdalen. Start at 5:30 p.m.. We offer a distance of 8 km. with common start. The course goes partly after the trailed trail. 1/4 of the race will go off the track. Snowshoe running is a good form of training that is not so prevalent in Norway, but very popular in the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain and Austria.

We invite you to participate on the first ever race and offer free registration. The race is open to anyone with snowshoeing. You choose whether you want to run or go. Fill out the form below and submit your application. Registration deadline 3 April.


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