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Saturday August 26th

Tromsø Mountain HalfUltra 2017

Tromsø Mountain HalfUltra 25km.

The Half Ultra is a 25 kilometer long terrain race, offering beautiful scenery in Tromsø.
The start and finish of the race is in Tromsdalen, running a slope towardsDjupdalen, Bønntuva, Fjellheisen and Svarthammeren.
This is the same as the last part of Tromsø Mountain Ultra.

The race starts at 12:00
The cut off time is 6 hours.

All runners need a backpack that includes:
- shirt; one extra dry shirt in the bag at the finish.
- map and compass (map provided by MSM). GPS watch or cell phone is not accepted as a replacement for the map and compass
- jacket and trousers (windstopper)
- Gloves and hat
- food (a minimum of 150 grams of food at the finish)
- whistle
- cell phone (in addition to map and compass)
- bottle / beverage bags (minimum 0,5 liters)
- Heatsheet (provided by MSM)

Your backpack will be controlled after the finish line.  You will be given 15 minutes penalty time for every equipment missing from the above list.

Participants cannot have their own support in the course or receive service from other than the organizer's service stations. Beyond this it is ONLY what you have in your backpack that can be used. It is not allowed to have accompanied runners beyond those participating in the race.

Categories: Men/Female
The top three men/female is awarded.
There will also be drawn prizes among all participants.

Race records is held by:
Rune Morten Johansen, Tromsø Løpeklubb 02:01:33 (2015)
Lisbeth Hauglann, 02:28:21 (2015)

Results 2013
Results 2014

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